Just for a minute, forget about the big three (Cushing, Price and Lee). We already know everything we could possibly want to about these three collossi.

Cushing, with his frail body, skeletal features and big, hooded eyes is always a pleasure to watch - he may have been in some bad films, but he never gave less than his all.

Lee, annoying know-it-all that he is, may not be the world's greatest actor (and he could do with a few lessons in remembering why he became famous in the first place), but there's no denying his impact on the Brit Horror genre. Think about it - Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Dr Jeckyll and the Mummy. Not to mention Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man, and a host of shouty, angry toffs in everything from Horror Express to Talos The Mummy.

Price was a ham, but a brilliant ham - and was never better than when he was parodying himself. Theatre Of Blood, the Phibes films, Cry Of The Banshee and House Of The Long Shadows all showcase his scene stealing talents. But they also hid a considerable acting ability - witness Witchfinder General and Masque Of The Red Death if you don't believe me.

No, the people I want to talk about on this page are the little people, the ones who were just as important, yet rarely get a look-in when it comes to sites like these. And I'm not talking about Patrick Mower.

Have I missed anyone out? Let me know and I'll buy you a pint.*

*Beverage may not be forthcoming.

I've split the pages into two sections, cos it was getting a bit long. Now you've got "birds" and "blokes". Not because I use such epithets, you understand - just because when most of these films were made, you were either a "bird" or a "bloke".

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