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    "Well I pick up my life, I turn and I walk away"
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    Music, particularly classic rock/metal/prog, punk, new wave, glam, underground US indie, jazz, folk, blues etc etc. British horror films, particularly anything with Cushing/Lee/Price/Gough/Pleasence/Magee, Italian 'gialli', underground/art/obscure films (I hate the word 'cult' as it reeks of students), anything with Anna Massey or Hywel Bennett in it, sitcoms, Star Trek, Dr Who, Peter Wyngarde, wrestling, football, literature (either classics or total pulp horror), cycling, travel, legends and mysteries, true crime, the history and origins of languages, cats, sitting in my room with my head in my hands listening to the throbbing noise that says WHY GOD WHY, etc.<br><br>I am far too dull and inconsequential to be of interest to anyone, so ignore everything I just said.<br><br>2 Jan 2007: I have now left the board.

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