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    Interests? Well British horror films obviously (especially anything with Lee, Cushing or Price) but also giallo (Deep Red), classic US and Japanese/Korean. Been building up my DVD collection of Brit horror slowly and steadily, just wish they would release more.

    Favourite Brit Horror Actor: The Cush
    Favourite Brit Horror Film: The Wickerman, Wichfinder General, Don't Look Now (in a 3-way tie) with Corruption coming up on the rails
    Favourite Director: David Cronenberg (Canadian I know but the man's a visonary)
    Hammer or Amicus: Hamicus
    Favourite Horror Actress: Jenny Agutter

    Other passions: Football (Liverpool FC) but don't hold that against me; Music (anything with guitars and lyrics from The Smiths to Elvis Costello to Teenage Fan Club to alt.country and all points in between; my wife Helen and 2 kids (Sam, 6 and Mia, 4).
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