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A load of extra bits about... you guessed it, British Horror Films. It'd be a pretty lame British Horror Films site without 'em.

Play our game!

Like Curse Of Frankenstein? Like kicking a ball around? Like pointless, addictive, on-line games? How about something that combines all three? Yes! It's the brand new, utterly daft, Baron Frankenstein Keepy-Uppy game! Don't say we didn't warn you...

MP3 download spectacular!

Well, we're not exactly Spotiwire, or whatever it's called. But here's some copyright-free (probably... ah, who gives a shit anyway?) songs from some favourite filums.

Wash Me In His Blood (from The Fiend)

Some quality 70s gospel from one of the nuttiest films ever!

Ratbags (from Barry Mackenzie Holds His Own)

All together now! "You're a Ratbag, a raving Ratbag..." Time to get this one into the charts, methinks.

Golden Eyes Of Evil (from Horror Hospital)

Some heavy metal genius. "Have you been snorting coke, Jason?" Fab.

British horror television

It's not all films, you know... some of the purest slices of British horror can be found coming out of that glowing box in the corner of the room. Yup, we've gone all telly, with a whole area devoted to the "idiot box". Click here to see the TV section...

Top 100 films and television

The top 100 British horror productions on film and TV, as voted for by the users of the British horror films forum. Just pretend Jimmy Carr's reading them out and Channel 4 have spread the countdown over six hours on a Saturday and Sunday night...

BHF Anthology news

Contributors to the BHF message board have worked together to produce a series of horror short story books. You can find out more here.


Yes - they're back. And, erm, they're still the same. Oh, well. Change your surroundings with a picture of the fat bird out of Taste The Blood Of Dracula, or the one with the big boobs in Blood From The Mummy's Tomb, or that one in the school uniform in Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny And Girly. There's some featuring blokes, too.

Message board

Make your feelings clear! Stand up and be a man (or woman), and shout from the roof tops: "I am a man (or woman) who loves British Horror Films! So you can stick Avatar and Marley & Me up your arse!"

The League Of Gentlemen

Christmas 2000 saw the surprise addition to the world of Brit Horror...

Actors and actresses

Our guide to those faces who keep cropping up again and again in these films, with links to some of their finest hour-and-a-halfs. Recently updated and split into the male and female ranks.

Bad guys

British Horror Films threw up some tremendous bad guys. Here's my pick of the baddest bad guys ever to grace bad movies from this little island we call... erm... Britain.


I don't just throw this site together, you know - there's a fair few hours of watching rubbish films contained herewithin (is that a word?). I also use a fair amount of stuff from books like these.


Check out what other people have been up to on their web sites. Yes, it's strange I know, but there are other things out there on the 'Net. Of course, none of these sites are as good as this one, but hey, what are you going to do?


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