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It really was time for an update of this page, what with it being full of people who steadfastly refuse to link back to me. Well, they had their chance. Now I'm really successful and where are they? Ha.

By the way, if you'd like a link from this page to your horror-related site (or have sent me a request in the past six months which I will have promptly lost - I am such an arse) click on the contact link and send me your details...

Videas Films

They're low-budget, they look extremely 80s, and they "have done for home video what Hitler did for Poland" according to Shaun Hutson. Oh, and they're British. Why not visit the web site and check out some of the synopses for the films? With titles like "Cursed Woods" and "The Exhumation" they might be right up your alley, as it were. The new one (due for release 2004) is called "Theatromania". Ah, the legitimate theatre...

The Spinning Image

Astonishing as it may sound, there are other sites out there on the world wide web which purport to review films like the ones on this very site. Some even review the same films, which sounds mad and pointless, if you ask me. This one's right fancy, and even lets people post their own reviews right onto the site itself (bonkers). But the reviews are good, and some bloke called Buxton (see below) even writes for it. When you've had enough of (ha! That's going to happen...) check it out.

Bite Me Magazine

Sometimes the people who send requests for links scare me. Like for example, this one. It's a web site for a magazine devoted to vampires and vampire hunters (now that's what I call appealing to both ends of your market...). So I approached with trepidation. Scared was I, until I chanced upon the "Vamp Of The Month". Blimey.

Terror Trap

"Chris," people often ask me (because it's my name). "Are there any sites out there devoted to American horror films?" Well, yes there are. Of course there are. The bloody Yanks have been making horror films for nearly as long as we have, and they've made a bleeding sight more an' all. Terror Trap is devoted to being a "museum for horror films 1925-1987". See what they've done there? They've put a time limit on the reviews. Wish I'd thought of that. Then people wouldn't keep asking when I'm going to review Long Time Dead. Never! You hear that? Never, I say!

Worldwide DVD Forums

See that? Worldwide. I get a better class of people asking for links from my site these days. This forum boasts a section devoted to censorship in the UK, so it counts as vaguely British, too.


Once upon a time I thought Frankenstein movies were shite. Then I started this site and watched all the Hammer ones, and realised that quite often, they could be wonderful. This guy is Austrian, and has made it his hobby to catalogue every appearance by Baron baldy, Squarehead, assorted screaming women and the obligatory pitchfork-waving villagers ever exposed to celluloid.

Fright Night

Never one to shirk doing my bit for charidee, here's a vaguely horror-related sort-of charity something thing. Dare you spend a night in a haunted house? Dare you raise money for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust? Dare you visit a site which appears to be sponsored by a large question mark?

Pass The Marmalade

Think I know what I'm talking about? I just write half-arsed reviews of crappy films. Darrell Buxton actually knows every single horror film to come from these isles, and his is the first place I go to to check whether I've got the right end of the stick, Brit horror-wise. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Spaced Out Forum

Spaced is one of the greatest comedy series to come from these isles in the past few years. This forum is brilliant, and full of people who think just like you. Honest. Go and have a look. Go on. But come back.


Yes, I know their videos look like porn films (and some of them are I... ahem... believe), but they also release a lot of good stuff, both on DVD and video, including Pete Walker's films and a ton of other stuff.

Fab Press

Books about Pete Walker, 70s Brit Horror films and even the occasional film screening. What more could you want?


Lots and lots of stuff about British films. They didn't just make horror back in the 60s, you know... Oh, you did. And they like Captain Kronos.

Carfax Abbey

Lots of stuff, including video clips and pictures, of many of the films featured here.

Official Hammer Films page

Hammer. Will they ever return? Probably not. And considering that their last film was an idiotic and utterly pointless remake of one of my favourite films, "The Lady Vanishes", perhaps they shouldn't. But if we might get "Twins Of Evil 2 - This Time It's Quads!", or "Return Of The Curse Of The Shroud Of The Mummy's Tomb", or even that series of Captain Kronos films they promised back in 1972, then perhaps they should. Who knows? Who cares? Not me.

Omega Red's Rant

Old school tie ahoy! I went to school with this bloke, so he gets a link. It helps that his site's rather good, as well. And it's about films.


A comprehensive and intelligently written site about the rubbish films we love.

The League Of Gentlemen - Official Page

If, as a British Horror Films fan, you haven't seen this series, you really should. It knocks spots off that supposedly "funny" thing that Steve Coogan did a while back. This site tells you a bit about it, and there's a review of the Christmas special by me on there! Fame at last...

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