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Update: September 8, 2007

Book 3 - sorry abou the delay!

This is a short message to everyone who submitted to book 3. They have all been received safe and sound and I have started working my way through them - I'm hoping to e-mail all of you by the end of November. Sorry about the delay!

BHF Book of Horror Stories - book 2 now available!

Yes - after months of waiting, the Second BHF Book Of Horror Stories is now available. Twice the size of book one, with more stories, more illustrations, more talent... ooh, more everything. It's what your life is missing - buy loads.

Follow this link to visit the BHF bookshop...

Book 3 submissions - the door is now officially shut (sorry)

Yes, sadly I'm having to close the door on submissions for forthcoming anthologies. Thanks to everyone who's sent stuff in for book 3, I'm about to (as of March 24th) start reading through 'em and will be in touch with you all shortly. Once book 3 is out we'll think about doing further books - watch this space.

Cover of anthology 2

Here you go - a preview of what the cover looks like...

And here's the back:

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may recognise some of the text - I haven't gone all verbose all of a sudden, it's taken from the backs of a couple of the original Pan books.


The new BHF Anthology features a stunning painting by Paul Mudie, which neatly illustrates the subject of one of the stories inside (and you thought we just threw these things together!)

Here's the list of contributors:

In The Pipeline... Paul Newman

Show Home... Paul Adams

Romero And Juliette... Gareth Hopkins

The Blood Field... Derek Johnson

The Morris Men... Franklin Marsh

The Stone Fountain... Billy Turner

It Is Written... Matt Finucane

Home Truth... Christopher L Jones

Roast Beef... Martin J Parsons

Almost Love... Roger B Pile

Clean Living... Clare Hill

Still Life... Paul Newman

Separation... Charles Black

You Can’t Sing, You Can’t Dance, You Look Awful… You’ll Go A Long Way... Chris Wood

A Little Dead Man On Clockchanges Road... Wayne Mook

When Hell Freezes Over... Neil Christopher

The Passage... Mark Ferguson

Appeal... Gareth A Williams

Obeahman... Maya McLaughlin

A (Something) In Wardour Street... Franklin Marsh

Jacob Raffles... James Stanger

The Inn... S F Stewart

Cattle... Richard Cosgrove

The Darklands Hall Legacy... Franklin Marsh

Cerberus Rising... Neil Christopher

Crowd Scene... James Brough

Portrait Of A Young Woman... Carole Hall

The Oxford Vampire... 13 Ravens

The Sea Witch... Mike Ward

Children Of The Summer’s End... Sam Dawson

The Shadow In The Stacks... Daniel McGachey

Understanding... Jason P Burden

Anthology 1

The First BHF (as in British Horror Films) short story anthology went on sale in August 2006. A tribute to the famous Pan Books Of Horror from the 1960s and 70s, it contains 19 blood curdling tales of terror, written by fans of British horror films from across the world.

Cover of the BHF Book Of Horror StoriesThe stories range from modern tales of terror to gothic stories of the supernatural. For many of the authors it is the first time that their work has been in print (not that you’d know it from the quality!).

The authors are: John Reppion, Wendell McKay, Albie Swain, Christopher Wood, Wayne Mook, Billy Turner, Neil Christopher, James Brough, Matt Bowdler, Paul Newman, James Stanger, and Daniel McGachey. But that’s not all – the anthology has been specially illustrated by artists Lawrence Bailey and Paula Fay, and is wrapped in a stunning cover painted by Paul Mudie.

You can see a preview of the book, and buy a copy, by following this link.


Chris Wood (Editor)

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