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Seance On A Wet Afternoon
Funny Man
Neither The Sea Nor The Sand
And Soon The Darkness
The Ghosts Of Berkeley Square

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This is the world famous British Horror Films website

This is the world-famous, much imitated but never bettered, top-notch old skool website mainly known as the British Horror Films one.

Yup, still here, more than a decade on – dedicated to classic horror films made in Britain or with mainly British money. Please take some time to have a wander around…

The now-famous disclaimer: Due to the content of these films, you might occasionally notice a picture of the occasional topless woman on this site. They're called breasts, and everybody has them. There's also the occasional mild swear word. So if you don't like Maddie Smith's gazongas, or you're after pictures of exploding heads, you might as well sod off now.

The Films

They're what your here for, after all... An A-Z guide of all the films featured on the site. Each film has its own page featuring a review and photos, and some even have short video clips. You can now also add your own comments at the foot of each page, and even link them to Facebook or something. It's all very clever, and a bit beyond me, to be honest...
I've recently updated the timeline, so now you can see every film reviewed on this site in date order. Blimey.

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This entire site has been created by one bloke, and he's a friendly type. Why not send him (i.e. me) a message?
Alternatively, you can find out more about the site by clicking here, or see a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Extra Stuff

From time to time I add extra bits and pieces to the site which don't fall into any of the above categories. Must of them are vastly misjudged, with the benefit of hindsight. Still, you can find out for yourself here.

What people wrote about this site, back when it was good... "Amusing... lively forum... special mention must go to the Valerie Leon desktop wallpaper... dear lord!" (BBC Radio Swindon)... "Venerable... more tasteful than most"(BBCi) ... "Silly" (Q Magazine) ... "Dryly funny" (


Front page
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